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what is elephant trekking
In Krabi, there are many land and sea activities you can do. For land activities, one of the favorite day tours is elephant trekking. This is typically a 1 hour ride on top of an elephant.
It is very exciting as the elephant is guided through rubber plantations and swampy narrow streams. At first it may seem intimidating looking at the elephant humongous size, let alone ride on top of it. 
Suprisingly the elephants are very gentle and are well trained. They are accustomed to being around adults and children and pose no threat.
THE elephant is seen as a symbol of the nation and a talisman for the Thai people. With their wrinkly grey skin and swaying trunk, they are a fascinating combination of brute force, gentleness and remarkable agility that inspires both respect and affection.
With elephants fast disappearing from the wild in Thailand, the best place to see these fascinating animals up close is in a trekking camp. There are only a few camps in Krabi - such establishments must follow strict guidelines as set by the National Livestock Department regarding the provision of adequate food, water and shade for their animals, as well as proper health care.
A trek will allow you to experience this first-hand, as well as the animals' natural forest environment. Carrying tourists for fun means the elephants are able to earn their keep, while living as freely as is possible: as there is not enough space to release them into the wild, and they are very costly to feed (eating up 2-300kg of food per day) the only alternatives for these gentle giants are begging, illegal logging, or inactivity in a zoo.
Trekking tours - usually an hour's ride on the elephant, combined with another sightseeing activity - are bookable through any local agent, or you can visit the camps directly if you don't wish to do the other activities on the itinerary.
Sra Keaw Cave a huge overhanging cave of multiple tiers each pillared with stalactites which we give you time to explore at leisure, providing you with drinks and snacks. Here you can also swim in the mineral water pool that emerges from the cave and sample some of the local pineapples. It's a good idea to feed the elephants, they won't forget the kindness, but it is watching the dexterity of their trunks that is the real pleasure. On the half day tour we give you a chance to see that dexterity put to use as our elephants put on a working demonstration for you. You will not believe just how clever and strong these animals can be. After we say goodbye to the elephants we will show you one of the newer attractions in this ancient landscape by taking you to some of the areas that featured in the movie 'The Beach' starring Leonardo Di Caprio.
Elephant Trekking and River Camp We've resisted putting up elephant trekking for a while now, but had a change of heart due to popular pressure. The clincher was enjoyment the little ones got out of it. This is a special experience for kids. Riding through the jungle on the back of an elephant is not forgotten quickly. 
Nosey Parkers elephant camp established in 1999 is a 7km car ride from Ao Nang Beach. The camp is located in a shady forest area with abundant of water for the animals to enjoy all year round.  Your elephant trek will take you across the river that runs through the camp and into the forest.  While walking through the forest you will see and hear the surrounding wildlife...
Elephant Trekking 
Tour Itinerary
Program A
Price Adult 800 baht, Child( 3 -11 years) 600 baht.
Elephant Riding (2-3 hours)
* One hour of elephant trekking.
* Joint feeding with elephant.
* One hours at Cat fish farm will see several kinds of fish enjoy for feeding fish, crocodiles etc.
(Choose your time) Trekking trips begin from Ao Nang at the following times:
09.00 a.m.
10.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
13.00 p.m.
14.00 p.m.
15.00 p.m.
Program B
Price Adult 1,700 baht, Child( 3 -11 years) 1,300 baht.
Half Day Tour (08.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.),(13.00 -17.00)
* Two hours of elephant trekking.
* Baby elephant show.
* Sightseeing at the catfish farm.
* Thai style lunch at a riverside restaurant.
Both Programs Include:
- Transportation with pick up and to Krabi Town or Ao Nang
-  English-speaking guide
- Water & fruits


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